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Want to save an exra $50+ a month? Check out these rebate apps that can help!

Save a little extra cash with rebate apps!

In my previous post I talked about one of my Operation GFR goals, getting my financial shit together. Today I want to talk about one of the ways that I am trying to save a little extra cash; rebate apps. Some of these I’d heard of, and even installed, but I really hadn’t been consistent with them. Heading into 2018, though, I’ve kind of become a rebate app junkie! Here are a few that I’ve been using:

  • Ibotta: Earn cash back on grocery and some other purchases, there’s even an “any receipt” option that pops up every so often. I check it for things I buy, scan the receipt and get cash back. So far in just over a week I’ve gotten $16 on stuff I would purchase anyway! Part of that was a bonus reward, there’s several of them and several ways to earn them (like scanning X amount of offers in X amount of time). Link to PayPal and cash out at $20. You also earn $5 for each friend who joins, and a $75 bonus after 5 friends! Such an easy way to make a little extra cash! Wanna try it out? Use referral code: wtbhgfc
  • Checkout 51: Similar to Ibotta, cash out at $20 and they send you a check. I’ve earned $3, so far, on regular purchases. I like Ibotta better because there is a larger selection and the rebates seem to be better, but I’ll keep using them both!
  • EBates; I’ve actually had this one a while, and earned around $15 from a couple of Christmas gifts a couple years ago, but wasn’t consistent with it. Reinstalled it and earned 2% cash back on my planner that I was going to go to Michael’s for, anyway. Plus I was still able to use my Michael’s app coupons! (If you shop at Michael’s, get that app, too! The coupons are awesome and can often be doubled up, even on sale items!). So, 1 purchase I earned .$45. There’s TONS of stores, and all offer varying amounts cash back, some of them 10%! Get a $25 bonus just for signing up (after you spend $25), and earn a $25 bonus on each friend you refer. And the bonuses are endless! Earn your first $25 by joining here!
  • Dosh: Similar to Ebates, but also good at a bunch of restaurants (like my favorite Thai place!), as well as for travel (hotels, car rentals, etc…). I haven’t used this one yet, but I got $2 for joining and $5 for linking my debit card. Get $5 for each friend you refer once they download Dosh, connect a card and redeem a cash back offer. Sign up here!
  • Shopkick: Earn points towards things like Target and Starbucks gift cards. Lots of gift card options in varying amounts, depending on how many points you have. Earn “kicks” (points) 3 ways: Just walking into the store and opening the app, scanning items (you don’t even have to buy them!) and scanning your receipt if it contains any of the offers. I got 25 kicks just for walking into Publix the other day! Refer a friend and you both get 250 kicks when they get their first walk-in or scan within 7 days. Sign up and use referral code: KICK64048 
  • Fetch: Similar to Shopkick, earn points towards shopping and gift cards and there’s tons of stores to choose rewards from (Amazon, Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Toys ‘R Us, and so many more!). I’ve earned 1,625 points just from scanning a couple grocery receipts. Want 1,500 points? Use code: W5PUG, and start scanning your receipts!

So, in just under 2 weeks I’ve earned $26.45 on stuff I already buy, and some points towards feeding my Starbucks habit and maybe some fun shopping! Got any rebate apps you love to use? Drop me a comment with your referral code, I’d love to check them out!


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