Not Resolutions, Plans!

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I have never liked New Year’s Resolutions.

We’ve probably all been there. Around mid-December we start thinking of all of the things that we resolve to do better, give up or begin in the following year. Maybe you jot down a list, maybe you just express these resolutions verbally with your friends or family. On New Year’s Eve at midnight you proudly exclaim “This is MY year!”. And maybe you do (or don’t do) the thing for a little while. You join a gym and go for a few weeks. Maybe quit drinking or smoking or eating unhealthy food for a little while. Or you finally sit down and type that first blog post! And then life happens and you sort of trail off, and by March you’re right back where you were last year.

That’s because you set a goal, but never actually made a PLAN.

I’ve been there, too! Just last year I said I was going to start using a planner to help me get my life together. That lasted all of three months! This year, instead of just rambling off some things I’d like to change in a drunken haze on New Years Eve, I have spent some time actually sitting down and making a list of the things I’d like to do or change. This list will be broken down into actionable yearly, monthly, weekly and even daily goals.

Here is what I have so far:

Health goals: 

  • Be more consistent with my daily yoga practice. I have slipped away from yoga almost completely over the last 6 months, and it’s time to get back into a daily routine. My goal for January is to practice 3x a week.
  • Get Riley, my 11 year old, to practice with me. He hass expressed an interest in wanting to get up and practice with me, so I got him a yoga mat for Christmas. We’re actually going to start while he is on Christmas break, but I haven’t set any daily goals other than to just start.
  • Lose 30 lbs by May. I’m aiming for 1.5 lbs per week, which would put me at roughly 25 lbs by the end of April.
  • Go to the gym at least 4x per week (preferrably 6). This is another one that just involves getting back into a routine. So for January, I’m aiming for 3x a week. And I will no longer work the gym around my schedule, but rather work my schedule around the gym (as much as is feasible).
  • Eat healthier and cook more. I’ve already been working on this, and meal planning has helped immensely!

Family Goals:

  • Be more present with the kids. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in other things. I feel like I always need to be busy. Working, cleaning, errands… I know a lot of the time things can wait. When they are home, especially my 4 yr old, I need to be more present with them instead of always doing things. We’ve already started with pizza Friday where we all make home made pizza. I’m adding game night to pizza night. I’ve broken down my weekly cleaning schedule into more manageable daily tasks instead of cramming it all into one day. Now on Saturdays instead of spending half of the day frustrated and cleaning the house, we can spend time together. And in the evenings I’ve already been putting my electronics away and doing more of what they want to do, like building fun LEGO creations!
  • Get better at planning and scheduling my time. A lot of the time I’m busy doing a whole lot of nothing, and then feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. I’ve gotten the kids involved by making them a daily chore list and schedule, I just have to get better at all of us actually sticking to it!
  • Be more active in school events. Sometimes they happen and I use the excuse ‘but I don’t want to bring the toddler!” He is a handful, and my husbands hours usually mean I’m doing everything solo. But it’s a lame excuse.
  • Go camping. We keep talking about it, but we never end up planning it. It’s been forever since I’ve been camping, or on any kind of vacation!

Financial Goals:

  • For the first half of the year, the goal is to just get caught up. No spending for January & February.
  • We will also be starting an Emergency Fund in January, and the goal is to have $1,000 in our EF within 6 months.
  • For the second half of the year, I’d like to start putting a little more away. I have a specific weekly goal, monthly and end of year goal and I’m using my HP budget planner to stay on track and help us get there!
  • I have also been using this really cool app, called Qapital. With it, you can set any kind of savings goal you like. Wanna go to Disney? Make it a goal! Want to purchase something you’ve been eyeing? (For me it’s this awesome cutting machine!) Make it a goal! Then you can set up several different rules; such as rounding up your debit purchases. It is linked to your debit card(s), and will only pull from it if you have $100 balance or higher in your account. Right now I am doing the Round Up rule to $1 (you can set this higher), and starting in January we’ll be doing the “52 Week Rule”.
  • MAKE MORE MONEY. Doesn’t everyone?

These are my goals, so far for 2018. I know as I go along they will update and change, and that is one of the reasons why I am here! To document my journey. Do you have some hefty goals for the New year? Have you sat down and made a plan to achieve them? If you have, I’d love to hear about them! And if you haven’t, you still have time to start!


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