My journey with money, getting my financial shit together

I’m gonna be painstakingly honest here.

I just turned 40 years old (eek!), and my whole life I have been TERRIBLE with money. So, one of my Operation GFR goals for 2018 is creating and sticking to a budget, and getting my financial shit together. I have almost always lived paycheck to paycheck. If I have money, I spend it. Sure, I shop sales and sometimes use coupons, and often I use that to justify buying something I didn’t need because, you know, “But it was on sale!”

I don’t even know where I got this mindset of “need all the things when I have the money”.

My mom always stuck to a budget, was always very frugal and for as long as I can remember has always had what is probably a decent sized savings. While I don’t think we ever really sat down and had any “how to manage your money” talks, she certainly led by example. I just didn’t pick up on that example.

My husband will say he isn’t the same way.

He’ll say “you spend all the money”, but he just buys different unnecessary things. I will say, though, that he doesn’t have much debt while I am drowning in it (thanks to being irresponsible with student loans!)  However, getting him to cooperate without a fight is going to be a challenge. He wants me to do a budget, but he seems to want me to be the only one who sticks to it. This is, in part, why we have gone without a real plan for so long. It was a lot easier sticking to a budget when it was just me. It’s one of the biggest things we fight about, and it needs to end!

I have already created a budget for the next few months, and I have a few savings tricks up my sleeve (more on that in a future post!), but I am open to ideas about how others are making it work! If you’ve got any awesome tips on budgeting paycheck to paycheck, or are struggling with this yourself, drop me a comment below!

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