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Organizing my life, Happy Planner to the rescue!

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I was first introduced to Happy Planner last year around this time.

And I swore that it was going to be my tool to getting my life together. My HP journey began with the Classic box kit, and every extension pack imagineable. I purchased washi tape, stickers, and expander rings to fit all of those pages. Followed every Happy Planner group on Facebook I could find for ideas. I decorated a few pages nice and pretty. And I used it. Carried it with me everywhere I went. For about 2 weeks.

Happy Planner Overwhelm is real, ya’ll.

I had this huge book that was supposed to keep me organized. However, the more I obsessed about keeping it neat and decorated, the less I wanted to use it. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen some amazingly gorgeous spreads out there and I aspire to be that creative! I just couldn’t keep up.

New Year, New Happy Plan!

I do still love the Happy Planner, though, so this year I am giving it another go. Instead of using one huge book for everything, I’ve broken it down to be more functional for my needs. Since I’ve commited myself to sticking to a budget going forward, I first purchased this adorable Budget Mini*. This has everything I need to keep my finances in order, including a monthly budget at the beginning of each month, and a monthly Expense Tracker and Bill Pay tracker at the end of each month. I also love that, like the reegular planner, it still has a monthly and weekly lay-out where I can make notes. If the Mini isn’t your thing, this one also comes in the Classic Size*!

For all of my monthly, weekly and daily planning,

I am using a Classic sized planner in Best is Yet to Come*. I love this one because it has a beachy, Florida feel to it! But they have so many styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and personal style! I am still decorating, but I am more of a “functional” planner than a decorative one. I’m keeping it fairly minimal. I have already taken Decembers pages from my previous planner and added them so that I could start using it right away.  I added the remaining pagess from the Fitness Extension* to the beginning of each month to keep me on track with my fitness goals. It is already proving to be a huge asset to keeping me on track. Now I always know what’s going on. Kids events and school assignments.  Social and community events. My husbands work schedule, and even getting this blog planned and organized! I have created some of my own printables for things like a daily hourly schedule (though you can also purchase these), and dot graph paper for making lists. The possibilities are really endless!


Then, I took the cover and rings from last years planner, along with the Recipe Extension* that I had never even written in, and the meal planning and grocery list pages from the Home Planner Extension (though you could easily create your own, or find some on Etsy!) and added them to create a Recipe & Meal Planning Frankenplanner. This has actually been a huge help in getting my grocery budget down, because now I stick very strictly to the plan and to the list! And with our favorite recipes right in the book, I can just refer to that when I’m making my grocery list. Easy Peasy!

And I am still in all of the planner groups, and even more so now. There is a group for just about every planner need on Facebook, from recipe sharing to budget tracking to fitness accountability groups, all with awesome ladies who use Happy Planners to help them achieve their goals! It’s become a great place to get ideas. Now, since I have organized my planner(s) to better fit my needs, I don’t feel so overwhelmed!

If you’re a hot mess like me and need to get more organized, go check out the Happy Planner! And if you have a Happy Planner, share your spreads and ideas below!


*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. That means that I make a small commission off of purchases made through my links. I will not ever share products that I do not use and love myself! There is no obligation to purchase, or additional fee’s to you should you choose to.

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